Magic Mirror (On-going Project)

For a long time, I’ve wanted to build a “magic mirror.” To me, it’s really just a cool fun tech project.

The current iteration of the mirror connects to website ran over my local WiFi hosted on the Raspberry Pi running my binocular microscope camera. The website posts a daily and weekly to-do-list, my weekly schedule, the date/time and weather.

My plan is to eventually write an image recognition program which will allow me to use motion control to interact with the mirror(written in Python, using OpenCV and PyMouse). From there, I want to redesign the website to make it more diverse and comprehensive… Though admittedly I don’t have any well formed thoughts on what that might mean or look like just yet. Maybe some sort of scrolling menu with a news feed, and support for Facebook, Pandora, Twitter, and Uber/Lyft.


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