About Me and the Site

I just completed my last year of the MS in Applied Mathematics program at Wichita State University. The following website is a catalog of my work in Computer Science, Engineering, Maths, Physics, Research, and Teaching.

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A bit about me…

As a grad student, I spent 6-12hrs/day in my office studying everything from the classes I was currently taking to w/e research article that just piqued my curiosity… from graph theory(as was the case in the image with the chalkboard-tori) to fluids mechanics.

In my “free time,” I tend to do much the same.

I don’t want to tackle problems the same way as everybody else. I don’t want to ask questions the same way. I want my work to be an expression of me and my thoughts. I want to look at a painting and say, “hmmmm… you know, I think I see an interesting relation here,” then sit down and work on it. I want to walk through a park and be inspired by the way the squirrels and the birds divide a tree amongst themselves. For the crawling of an inchworm to inspire thoughts about game theory and differential geometry. To look at the clouds and the crowning of trees, and have the academic freedom to try and pen a relation describing both(if I had to guess, they’re both some sort of expression of shock. What I think would be meaningful is if they are the result of the same system of PDEs).

I want to see a problem in the world and have the freedom to work on a solution for it. To ask, “why don’t you use solar power bots to pick up trash at your amusement park? It would lower your overhead and look sharp.” Then to build said “trash bot.” To invent… and create…

In short,… I want to develop the tools(physical and/or theoretical) to solve tomorrow’s problems. If that means as a research scientist/mathematician or taking any of my inventions(most not shared on this site) to market, so be it. I am tired of waiting on others to make tomorrow a reality. I want to make tomorrow happen today!