Binocular Microscope Camera (On-going Project)

This project and post is under construction.

The idea behind this project was inspired by some of the new cellphones that are out. Most phones today use images from two or more cameras to digitally enhance images in ways that allows them to remove motion blurring and to digitally zoom in. With that in mind… Why wouldn’t we apply this same tech to microscopes?

The goal of this project is to use data from two cameras to digitally enhance images and allow for digital zooming beyond what is otherwise optically possible.

BoP(Bill of Parts):

  • Binocular Microscope(I got mine on/at GoodWill -you can also occasionally find centrifuges, chemistry glassware, oscilloscopes, and telescopes here to.)
  • Raspberry Pi 4 (because we’re going to be doing some image processing, I would suggest 4GB or 8GB memory)
  • Micro SD Card(I’d suggest north of 64GB) flashed with the Raspbian OS
  • Monitor
  • Camera(x’s 2)
  • Multicamera adapter
  • You’ll need to also print out these .stl parts
  • Spring(x’s 8, I used springs from mechanical pencils)
  • A number of screws and nuts. I’ll have to come back to add their size and count later.

After constructing the board, camera, and monitor mount we need to write the code for the project.

To be continued…


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